Snowdon Wishlist
  • Gas-powered LAWNMOWER
  • Landscaping tools - branch cutters, gas-powered weed whacker, etc.
  • Dry dog food for the bear cubs. NOTE: The goal is for the cubs to put on as much weight as possible before winter. Therefore, the cheapest dog foods are just fine for this purpose.
  • Fruit (no citrus) for the bear cubs
  • Formulas: Esbilac, squirrel and mule deer fawn formulas from Fox Valley Nutrition (
  • Frozen rodents for our educational birds Click HERE for Example
  • Fleece blankets to keep little animals warm
  • Bird seed - especially black oil sunflower seeds
  • Paper towels
  • Household cleaners

Call: 208-634-8050 or Email:
to schedule a pick up at your convenience.

(updated 9/28/15)