"Boo Boo" and the Bear Cubs at Snowdon

January - May 2013

Boo Boo now shares the two-ace, forested enclosure with 9 other cubs. One other cub, bringing the total to 10, is being housed in a smaller enclosure until it gains some weight and can join the others. This smallest cub came to Snowdon in early January and weighed only 15 lbs. All 10 cubs will spend the winter safely at Snowdon until they can be released in June.

Click here for photos of Boo Boo.

Click HERE to read about Boo Boo's arrival and first days at Snowdon.


Winter Dog Food Drive for Boo Boo and Friends
Bags for Bears!


hungry cubs

Boo Boo and his friends are now going through 4 to 5 bags of dry dog food per day! Snowdon has received generous donations designated for the specific care and feeding of Boo Boo and we do take care to make sure he is taken care of with these funds. But at this rate, we are in need of more dog food for the 9 other cubs, as well as for Boo Boo in the coming months.

Members of the McCall and surrounding communities have organized a dog food drive to get the cubs through the winter. Donations of dog food can be dropped off Thursdays through Sundays, 11am - 4pm at Mountain Regatta Clothing Company at 304 N. 3rd Street in McCall. To arrange another drop off point and time call Jeri at 208-634-8050 or Carolyn at 208-315-2014.


cubs in snow