Wildlife Rescue Information

Found an Animal in Need?

baby foxWildlife Rescue 411

If you find an injured or distressed wild animal that needs assistance, take the following precautions and call Snowdon at 208-634-8050 or your nearest Fish and Game office.

If directed to leave a message, please provide a brief description of the help needed, including the animal's location and your contact information.

While you wait for assistance:

If possible, place the animal in a safe, warm (especially needed during cold days), dark place. Maintain the animal in an environment that is as stress-free as possible - This includes discouraging other people from "visiting" the bird or animal.

If the animal or bird is tangled or caught in wire or other obstruction, cover its head to lower stress.

If you cannot stay with the animal:

If it is not possible to stay with the animal, mark the location so that rescuers will readily find it. Note the location and provide clear directions on how to find the animal in need when you call for help.