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Welcome to Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in the mountains outside McCall, Idaho, Snowdon is a sanctuary dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife. Snowdon was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 1989. Since then it has continuously housed and cared for a wide range of large and small mammals and birds. Animals received by Snowdon are in distress due to injury, loss of parents, or loss of habitat. Snowdon is wholly dependent on donations, small grants and dedicated volunteers - including its board of directors - to keep the sanctuary operational.

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Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary, Inc.

It's Summer! Is that baby really an orphan?

If you find a baby animal or bird, it's good to remember: A baby's best chance for survival is its mother.

Be aware that during the summer months, parents will often leave their offspring for periods of time to feed. This is especially true for deer and elk. fawn

When to call us:
• if the baby is noticeably injured or starving
• if dogs, other animals, or people threaten its safety
• if the nest area is destroyed and parents are not around

Otherwise, leave the baby alone and leave the area.
The mother will not return if people or pets are present. If you are still concerned, observe the baby again to see if the mother has returned. For deer fawns and elk calves, wait at least 4 hours.
Do not rescue unless you are positive the baby is orphaned.

In the case of baby birds - be aware that most fledglings spend time on the ground before they can adequately fly. The parents will feed and take care of them. Smaller baby birds that fall out of the nest can often be "re-nested" if you can reach the nest. In the case of Great-horned owlets that come from very high nests, a basket nest can be rigged up lower down in the tree and the parents will usually take care of the babies.

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