Adopt a Snowdon Educational Bird

Adopt one of Snowdon's resident birds!  Adopt for yourself or as gift to a child, friend, family or loved one. Your donation of $50 will help provide care and food for your adopted bird for six months. those who adopt will automatically receive the Snowdon newsletter, Critter Chatter. If you adopt and live, or are in, the McCall area, you may arrange to meet your selected bird at the sanctuary (by scheduled appointment only). Call 208-315-2014 or 208-634-8050 to schedule an appointment.

At this time we have three resident educational birds available for adoption. They are not releasable and will spend the rest of their lives at Snowdon. Select the one you'd like to adopt and follow the link at the bottom of the page.

Current resident birds



Ollie the Great Horned Owl has lived at Snowdon for more than 20 years. She came to the sanctuary after being hit by a truck resulting in a concussion and eye injury. Ollie lost her right eye and could not be released back into the wild. She is a veteran wildlife ambassador, having visited schools and parks as part of Snowdon's wildlife educational programs for many years. Ollie helps people learn about the vital role owls and birds of prey have in our world.  





indy peregrine


Indy the Peregrine Falcon was found in Indian Valley after hitting a fence and breaking her right wing. The wing did not heal correctly so Indy was brought to Snowdon to join our educational birds.






Luta the Red Tailed Hawk. She was confiscated and turned into Washington State University because she was imprinted on humans and could not successfully live in the wild. The University asked Snowdon to take her as an educational animal, where she will live out the rest of her life, potentially as long as 20-26 years. Visit Luta and the other educational birds this summer at the Snowdon Education Center!




Click HERE to complete the adoption of your choice!