Our first bear cub of the winter season has arrived!

This small black bear cub arrived on January 6th from the Sun Valley area. As with most of our rehabilitating patients, we don’t know a lot about what happened to this cub. He came into our care very malnourished (weighing only 19 pounds!) and dehydrated. After a few days of critical care and rest in our clinic, he has now been moved into our two-acre enclosure where he will be able to spend the winter as a “wild” bear in a naturally forested enclosure.


In the wild cubs with remain with their mother for their first winter. Without their mother’s guidance to find food, cubs typically become too undernourished to survive through the winter. It is likely that this cub became seperated from his mother before the winter and was not big enough to hibernate, causing him to be awake looking for food in the middle of winter.

If you would like to contribute to the rehabilitation of this cub (and future cubs) consider making a donation of dog food, frozen produce, or check out our GoFundMe campaign to improve our second bear enclosure (www.gofundme.org/SnowdonWildlife).

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