Happy New Year! 

This past year w058as an exciting one for Snowdon! Nugget, a non-releasable Western screech owl, officially joined our education team (and is enjoying a brand new flight cage!). Long time ambassador Ollie, a Great horned owl, celebrated her retirement after 23 years of educating the public. We also celebrated new facility improvements including a the construction of a second deer fawn pen.

As we say good-bye to 2016, we also want to say thank you to everyone who supported Snowdon throughout the year! As a non-profit organization, Snowdon is run completely on donations from the public to provide food and care for the wildlife. Each and every donation is appreciated and put to good use to care for wildlife in need!

For more information about what’s been going on at Snowdon and to learn what we have planned for 2017, check out the latest newsletter!

The December 2016 issue of Critter Chatter is now available for download (see link below).


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