The 15th Idaho Black Bear Cub to arrive at Snowdon for the Winter 2015-16 season arrived January 2, 2016 from Weippe, Idaho. The cub will spend a few days in the catch pen observation area before joining the other 14. Several of the cubs are now hibernating. In the forested, 2-acre enclosure. We have provided igloo-type dog houses and have built suitable dens made of logs for the cubs to explore and hibernate in. Often several cubs will crowd into one den to sleep. It is not unusual for bears to cub15aoccasionally wake up during the denning period; Snowdon cubs that wake up have easy access to food to keep them in healthy condition.

If you are interested in our rehabilitating bear cubs and haven’t received the latest (Dec. 2015) issue of our newsletter, be sure to download it. Most of the issue is dedicated to news about these cubs. HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope to see all of you this year.


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