DSC_0039Cubs Win!
Twelve (12) Hungry Bear Cubs Receive 3 Pallets of Food from ZAMZOWS!

(Nampa, Idaho – November 5, 2015) Zamzows (pronounced Zam-zoes), a chain of eleven animal feed and supply stores announced on Thursday that they are donating 3 pallets of premium dog food to Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary in McCall to help feed eleven (12) hungry bear cubs.

While black bear cubs are primarily vegetarian, the nutritional content of both Zamzows and Grandma Z’s dog food suits them well. If they do not weigh enough, they will not hibernate; so many of the cubs in Snowdon’s care will eat all winter long. The sanctuary receives numerous calls about orphaned black bear cubs in need. Without their mothers’ guidance to find food, they are usually too undernourished to have a chance at surviving the cold winter. As of November 5th, Snowdon has rescued 12 orphaned cubs who will be the benefactors of the Zamzows food donation.

The 12 cubs come from all over Idaho, including New Meadows,sun Valley, three from Idaho Falls, Salmon, three from Cascade, Mountain Home, Cambridge and Garden Valley. All were born this year and range in color from cinnamon to dark brown to black. Snowdon is still expecting to receive more cubs, and last year even received one in January. This batch of cubs will be released back into the wild in the beginning of June 2016, which means Snowdon has to continue feeding them for another 7+ months – and these cubs eat a bunch!

The cubs are housed in a naturally forested two-acre enclosure which allows them to act like wild bear cubs, and do they play together, climb trees, and dig, etc. Snowdon regularly monitors them with the use of trail cameras (as seen in one of the photos I attached) as well as through visual observations from staff and volunteers. Other than that, the cubs are left alone. Plus, Snowdon is so remote that these cubs never have any interaction with humans, as well as no loud highways or noisy neighbors to deal with. Snowdon not only rehabilitates weaned black bear cubs, but they also care for orphaned baby birds and mammals; injured small mammals, songbirds, waterfowl, and raptors. Snowdon’s facilities fully exceed the minimum international and national standards for housing for rehabilitating orphaned bear cubs, and provides native wildlife habitat and natural conditions that help orphaned bears assimilate back into the wild.

DSC_0047Snowdon staff attending the News Conference was bear expert and Snowdon bear cub program supervisor, Jeff Rohlman, Maeghan Elliott, Manager of Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary, and Volunteer, Glenn Prichard of Star, who brought his truck and loaded up as much of the food as he could to transport to McCall.

Media attendees received complete Bear Information Packets and photos, and in honor of the cub named “Mr. Cinnamon,” Zamzows’ marketing crew led by Mr. Art Gregory provided everyone with a complimentary bag of Cinnamon Bears. Zamzows owner, Jim Zamzow, was there to greet Snowdon staff and media participants.

It is hard to express just how thankful Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary is to Zamzows for their incredible generosity. This food will feed the cubs for several months.

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